A Day in the Digital Dark: Facebook, Instagram, and Threads Experience Unprecedented Server Outage

Uh-oh! It's kind of a digital mayhem right now – Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are all acting up, and it seems like it's a major hiccup over at Meta, their parent company.

People are having a tough time loading the apps or websites like they usually do. If you're on Facebook, chances are you got logged out unexpectedly and can't get back in. And over on Instagram, it's just refusing to cooperate altogether. Total bummer!

People got all worried because of those logout warnings, thinking their accounts got hacked. On Twitter/X, you could see lots of concerned phrases trending. But it turns out, the error messages weren't from some cyberattack or hack. Nope, it looks like there are just hiccups in Facebook's login system causing the fuss.

Meta doesn't have official status pages for its everyday apps, but Andy Stone, a spokesperson, hopped on Twitter/X to let everyone know that they're aware of the issues. Phew, at least they're on it!

“We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services,” he wrote. “We are working on this now.”

So, this website that keeps tabs on outages, Down Detector, lit up like a Christmas tree on Thursday, showing massive issues with Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. It wasn't just a local thing – the problems were everywhere, making it seem like a global outage.

Now, Meta has this page for their business stuff, like ads on Facebook and Instagram. According to that page, everything on the business side was humming along just fine.

Good news for WhatsApp users – that's also under Meta's umbrella, and it seemed to be trucking along as usual.

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