The Hidden Paradise of Pangasinan, Cabongaoan Beach

So here we are, the summer outing of Team Mayora. We are going to Jomalig but due to insufficient joiners to the target summer getaway, we switched to another destination. Somewhere wherein we can spoil ourselves with its’ hidden beauty that only a few people know. Tada. . . And our feet lead us to Pangasinan, to see their unspoiled Cabongaoan Beach and a little side-trip to A-Maze-ing Sunflower Garden.

Cubao Quezon City to Cabongaoan Beach
 Note: Bus Transportation, make sure to head there before 10pm because the last night trip going to Alaminos is ‘til 10:30pm only (this works for Victory Liner, Five Star, and Solid North).

Alaminos Bud Terminal Drop-off

So, we rode a bus at Solid North Bus station located in Cubao going to Alaminos, Pangasinan for only PHP 392.00 (roughly, 4 hours of travel time). Upon arriving at Alaminos, we headed out to another bus trip going to Burgos Pangasinan (If you are on a tight budget you can easily wait for the bus amounting to 30php or take a tricycle ride amounting to a hefty 350php going to Burgos). We were pretty much excited but we still needed another ride though. So, how did we get to the awesome beach? We took a tricycle trip for 350.00 PHP to Cabongaoan Beach (too bad that this is the only option).

Burgos Public Market

 Tip: There are no public market and food stalls at Cabongaoan Beach that’s why I am encouraging you to buy everything that you needed at Burgos Public Market. They usually opens up as early 5:30am. More so, the transportation going to the Beach from Burgos is not as easy as it may seems. You need to travel for 21km while enduring the steamy yet dusty rough road of the place. At the beach, you needed to bring your own tent because there are few tents and cottages that they can offer. Despite the transportation, just enjoy the Beach.


Random Feet from Team Mayora

Dirty Feet by the Beach

Going to Cabongaoan from Cubao
  • Cubao to Alaminos via Solid North or Five Star, PHP 392.00 ( Air Conditioned )
  • Alaminos Pangasinan to Burgos ( Public Market ) via Bus, PHP 30.00 ( Walk straight ahead to McDo and you’ll goin’ to see the Five Star Bus Terminal )
  • Burgos ( Public Market ) to Cabongaoan Beach via Tricycle, PHP 350.00/tricycle (Round trip fare PHP 700.00, make sure to get the Number of your service) Total Expenses for Manila to Burgos: PHP 1,122.00
Burgos Pangasinan to A-MAZE-ing Sunflower

Amazing Sunflower

The First Sunflower Maze in the Philippines is found in Tayug, Pangasinan. The Maze opens from 7 am to 5 pm (If I am not mistaken). To enjoy the beautiful sunflowers in the area be sure to go there in the summer period. But hey, leave no trace! There are specific rules in the area like, “No picking of sunflower to the restricted area” (may area para pumitas ng sunflower wag kung saan saan, this sunflower is for your eyes only. Okay?).

Tip: Go early if you don’t want to hit the heavy sun rays passing to your skin or be there before the golden hour (around 4:00pm). This is what I prefer since I didn’t got the hottest sun rays on my skin.

Amazing Sunflower Ticket

Team Mayora

Going to A-Maze-ing Sunflower Garden from Burgos
  • Burgos Public Market to Lingayen via Dagupan Bus, PHP 102.00 ( We bought foods but you can direct to Dagupan )
  • Lingayen to Dagupan via Bus, PHP 15.00
  • Dagupan to Urdaneta via Bus ( fivestar ), PHP 60.00
  • Urdaneta to Tayug via Van, PHP 50.00 ( Walk straight ahead near to the Villarica beside the BDO, nandun ung van terminal, Private Van yon )
  • Tayug to A-MAZE-ing Sunflower via Tricycle, PHP 150.00 ( Round trip 300 )
  • Tayug to SM Carmen via Van, PHP 40.00 (End Tour)
  • SM Carmen to Cubao via SM Bus Terminal, PHP 270.00 Total Expenses from Burgos to Sunflower up to Cubao: PHP 837.PHP

Total Transportation Expenses: PHP 1,959.00

Contact Information
  • 09487957787 - Kuya Rick (Cabongaoan Beach Tricycle Transportation)
  • 0995-336-8553 / 0927-995-7606 / 0906-107-8860 (globe) – Roven’s Place
Other Expenses (Ikaw na bahala sa gastos mo bes)
  • Tent – PHP 1,000.00 (Good for 6pax, I suggest to bring your own tent)
  • Food – PHP 1,600.00 (Good for 6pax 2x breakfast, lunch, dinner… may sobra pa, pero mag baon ka nalang bes sayang din)
  • Ice Drop – PHP 20.00 ( patanggal init hahaha!! )
  • Halo-Halo – PHP 25.00 (yes may halo-halo sila don tag init kasi)
  • A-Maze-ing Sunflower Entrance – PHP 100.00
  • Sunflower Picking PHP 50.00/Sunflower (di ako bumili, sila lang)

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